[TRANS] 130610 EXO: A Year After Debut, Can We Expect More?

12, They Reunited as a whole.

EXO who was seperated into EXO-M (Luhan, Tao, Chen, Lay, Xiumin, Kris) and EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun) finally reunited as a twelve and started promotion in Korea. At the past 6th they released their first full album ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)’ and started promotion with their title ‘Wolf and the beauty(Wolf)’. They are receiving positive reactions too. They sold about 120000 albums just in their first week of release. Right after they unleashed their songs online they also were ranked high in various online music sites.

‘Wolf and the Beauty’ is a song made up of a collaboration of dubstep and hiphop, its wild and powerful beat is noticeable. The song talks with wit about a wolf, who was living lonely in a cave, meeting a beautiful girl and falling in love with her, and is currently really popular.

“EXO-K is used to Korean promotion because its the second time but for EXO-M members its their first time. Doing broadcast music programs together, we learn from each other and also a lot from the stage of our seniors. When the Chinese members worked separately we missed each other. All 12 members on the same stage helps us show stronger performances and makes us more powerful. It’s fun and happy everyday.”(Suho)

Right now EXO’s 12 members along the 4 managers are having dorm life together. With 12 boys with similar ages around it is noisy everyday. EXO may seem like tough manly men but they also have meticulous personalities that they always celebrate their member’s birthday that comes averagely once a month.

“If it is one of the member’s birthday we wait until 12 o’ clock after our schedule ends and throw a surprise party. But we did it so much. Nowadays they realizes that it is a surprise party the moment you call him.(Laughs) It was Sehyun (type-o)’s birthday a while ago and I called him urgently saying ‘Can you come here for a moment’. He indifferently said ‘You are throwing a party for me?’. We should find another way.” (Kai)

Just an year ago EXO was known to have ‘routine interviews’ and now they continue on their speech as experienced as anyone. The members have great teamwork that when there is a beat here the next beat follows right away from the other. Luhan, Tao, Chen, Lay, Xiumin, Kris has great Korean skills they can sleep talk in Korean.

“The members have strong personalities. Some members are quiet but everyone likes to talk so we can’t rest when we are on our own. Kris, D.O, and Xiumin are a bit quiet but they are different when they are with the members. Even Tao is really good at Korean that he sleep talks in Korean. Maybe that’s why EXO-K members aren’t getting well at Chinese. Or maybe not? Haha” (Chanyeol)

“Listening to Radio programs we were previously on is really embarrassing. Other people may say its all right but you can think ‘why did I do that’ to yourself right? When I first was on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and did an interview, it was a total incident .(Laughs) I said ‘superior (U wol han) orchestra’ instead of ‘grand (Ung jang han) orchestra’. I was startled I couldn’t think of anything.”(D.O)

Rookie EXO who were busy finding the camera’s red light now, after a year, is more experienced they can make jokes and make an comfortable atmosphere or sometimes make it tense during their interview. They have great skills at talking they can take place as a variety MC.

“As we started promotion we are trying to not get nervous and enjoy. Preparing for a long time, we have lots to show. Now that we got used to it we are interested in other fields more than music. We can aggressively try more… (Laughs) But we should work hard as EXO first. And if we get the chance we will work hard not to let you down.” (Baekhyun)

EXO made a record of selling 120000 albums just on their first week. Fans rooting for them has increased that much that they have a full group of fans seated at any music programs. They are receiving their company seniors’ whole support too. It is EXO who is receiving lots of care.

“I was really surprised about the 120000 albums. This is totally possible because of our fans. I am so grateful. And thank you for every single advice from our SM staffs and seniors. I won’t forget what I feel right now and work hard, harder to show better results.” (Xiumin)

“We really want to take 1st place by this album. We would fall into tears if we really do take 1st place. Anyways we finally came back with the album we prepared hard for in a year. We prepared stunning grand performances. So please show us your interest. Thank you.” (Everyone)

Original article from: Naver News

Translations by: SMent_EXO

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