[PHOTO] 130604 Lay on Happy Camp

And last, but certainly not the least:

Sources: Avell DO, AyueBaekwooButterflyCatch Me Now , Caibaibai, CkDear Yue, Deer StationDouble-LDsoftLayOEspritEXOaddictionEXOM-ChinaExodeplanetEXOM-ForeverEXOSTEXO-WordHanaWithU, Heal Milk TeaHoney BunnyImLayIvyKhunnieeee, K-IssingKray Bar, KrisingLayZzangLiddy Mouse,  LinLinLovelayLovesickLuhan Feeling, MadhouseMad Sexy KaiMAN-Mian, Miracle, Missing-Lay, Mr. BeanMy DeerMzone, NeiborOliumikaOne Heart IssingOnlay, PangziPeachy&MilkyP-LayRoomMate, Rose, Sagittarius LyShadowygrcrySnail, Soulmate, StellaStunning Sirius, SusubayThe Real YouTimeLaysTransparent TreeV5Paocai, VimaXingPark, Yx-Krystal, and 蛋小妞守护小扭蛋.


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