[MISC] StarCast EXO Study: Lay


▶ Who: Lay. His real name is Zhang Yi Xing.

▶ Where: He was born on October 7, 1991, in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. His past has not been revealed.

▶ When: He joined SM Entertainment in 2008. He was selected at the Wuhan audition in China. Before his debut, he appeared on China’s Star Academy.

▶ What: He is a sub vocalist. He has great interest in music. He respect Beethoven and Mozart. He is a healing character in EXO. He is one of the nicest members.

▶ 11R

Su-ho→Lay: He is a music genius. He never allows defeat in his expertise. He is a professional who makes continuous efforts. He is an icon of healing.

Kai→Lay: He is a unicorn. Lay is a healing character.

Xiumin→Lay: He has enormous passion.

Chan-yeol→Lay: He is whimsical and innocent.

Baek-hyun→Lay: He is the most innocent member in EXO. He has a great concentration on everything. He is good at and passionate about dancing, composition, singing, and playing instruments. Sometimes we are amazed by his innocence. We adore him.

D.O.→Lay: He is whimsical.

Tao→Lay: He is a great dancer and composer.

Chen→Lay: He is tough, sweet, cute, and witty.

Lu Han→Lay: He is an excellent dancer and manly.

Se-hun→Lay: He is a good guy. He is nice and cute.

▶ Keyword: ‘Healing’. He was an icon of healing for EXO. It was not because of great speaking skills or rich experience. The source of healing power of Lay is his nice personality in nature. They said that they can be at peace when they see Lay.

He had a great passion for music. He has keen interest in composition, instrument-playing, singing, and dancing. He was keen on self-improvement by working on composition or play instruments in his spare time.

* They forgot to include what Kris had to say about Lay.

Source: EXO Starcast


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