[NEWS] 130821 EXO Chanyeol Describes: “Lay Boom; Kai Swoosh”

On 20th at 8PM in ‘EXO LIVE! One Summer Night’s Growl!‘ broadcasted through Naver on live, Chanyeol answered to the question “What is the difference in Lay and Kai’s dance?”

This event was hosted under the ‘school’ theme on live. Chanyeol appeared as a dance team leader and he said “Our dance team member Kai dance softly and Lay is more powerful, something like boom boom and swoosh”

He added “Of course, I am the best. I am teaching them a lot.” with wit.

Lay and Kai showed off their dance skills it was surprising how their dance was just like what Chanyeol described.

Meanwhile, ‘One Summer Night’s Growl!‘ was hosted under the ’school’ theme showing each members characteristics as teammates. The event included talk corners and performance of their repackage album tracks ‘XOXO’, ‘Lucky’ on live. The new version of ‘Growl’ MV was also released for the first time.

Original article from: Osen

Translated article from: EXO Naver Starcast


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