[TRANS] 130828 EXO Star Profile: Lay

XOXO (Kiss & Hug) repackage album and Growl, which has slain on music charts and programs alike, EXO’s subvocal LAY.

During the interview, Lay confessed that when he first arrived in Korea,  he couldn’t speak Korean very well. Enter: Kris , EXO-M’s leader who helped him greatly on learning the new language. Lay praised Kris greatly during the interview. Lay said that he practices with his fellow members and thanks to dorming, he’s gotten closer with many of them.

In the meantime, in 30 days, EXO will release more The Star HD interviews (8) and leave comments at the bottom of their polaroids (6 members). The term is following the announcement on Sept. 8, in 10 days.

Name: Lay

Blood Type: A

Family Members: Father, Mother, Grandfather, and Grandmother

Conception Dream: None

Hobby/Specialty: Composing; Piano

Personality: I’ve heard that I’m a good person.

Ideal Type: A good girl, if someone likes me genuinely, then I liker her.

Reason I Became a Singer: Ever since I was young, I’ve loved music, and I wanted to show people that I could dance onstage.

Stars I’m Close To: SHINee; SNSD sunbaenims treats me well.

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Favorite Music Genre: If it’s music, then I like them all.

Favorite Movie: Inception

Nicknames: Xing-Xingie; Tokki (bunny)

Best Food I Can Cook: Fried Rice

Usual Fashion Style: Casual style; I like U-Line tees.

Things I Love to Do: Composing

Habits: It’s not really a habit, but I forget things when I go places.

Member That I Think Looks Like Me: Well… I don’t think there is.

Fan Question: Since everyone is different during practices, are there any chances of getting closer?

Lay: When I first came to Korea, my Korean was terrible, so Kris helped me a lot. Dorm life also makes us closer.

Source: The Star

Translations by: Joyce@Waixing and XingLi@WiXing


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