[NEWS] 130913 EXO ‘Growl’ New Strategy… 3-No Policy

Everyone is busy studying the EXO craze in the music business.

Especially they once again formed teenage groupies even garnering fans in twenties and thirties. They caught all two rabbits at once. ‘Growl’ topped on SBS ‘The Music Trend’, Mnet ‘M!Countdown’ for three weeks in a row. It also topped on MBC ‘Music Core’, and KBS ‘Music Bank’. Thanks to this song they marked more than 700,000 record sales and is in top 5 on Melon even after one month on 13th.

Now everyone is focusing on the new strategy which EXO brought up in such competitive music business full of catchy hooks and boy group dances. It is so-called three-nos. No more melody repetition with hook songs. No more point choreography instead more over the top performance overall. No more solo entertaining program.

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[TRANS] 130913 “My Noona Was Embarrassed by the Super Powers” the Strange Boys that Came From Another Planet, EXO

Twelve boys who came from a planet outside the earth. The boys appeared after a year with hoods covering them with ‘Wolf’ making girls’ hearts flutter and are now ‘Growl’ing at another wolf coveting their girl. It was only a matter of time for them to steal 700,000 girl’s hearts. We met with EXO, who set a new album sale record in 12 years and grabbed 13 first place trophies from various music programs, ending promotions splendidly.

Sadly, because ‘aliens’ also have to renew their passports to work in South Korea, EXO-M’s leader Kris’s place was left empty. Along with this,  when asked one question, the unprecedented eleven answers that came out from the number of people composed the interview.

Q. How do you feel about ending promotions?
Suho: We promoted for three months and received more love than we thought we would so I am only thankful. We will come back with better music and a cooler performance in our next album.

Q. You guys came back after one year of inactivity. Aren’t you scared of future periods of inactivity?
Suho: In the future?
Chen: We aren’t scared at all.
Baekhyun: I think that an inactivity period is something that can be developed in the future.
Chen: Since we had time among ourselves to develop I think that the results were good this time. So we aren’t scared and think of it as a change for us to grow more.

Q. Your popularity is huge. How do you feel about it?
Chen: Personally it hasn’t really hit me yet. However, when I go to exercise and passing by ahjumma’s ask if we are by chance EXO and recognize us, I do feel it.

Q. Don’t the Chinese members feel sad that they are only promoting in Korea?
Chen: It will be very sad.
Tao: We couldn’t promote much in China but because I am with the hyungs in Korea I’m pleased and I’m happy.
Baekhyun: The Chinese fans monitor us and give us a lot of interest.
Chanyeol: It is actually us who feel more sad. Because we can’t go to China a lot.
Chen: We are going to China now. With Growl. Anticipate it a lot Chinese fans.

Q. Your super power concept. How were your reactions, personally or those of a friend or family member?
Chanyeol: Honestly, we weren’t embarrassed. When I first saw the concept while saying ‘Wow! We really are cool!’ I liked it. We really seem mysterious. My parents also said that it was cool but my noona was a bit embarrassed. Hahaha.
Suho: This time, we went out on many variety shows and we became the characters of our super powers. It was nice.
Chanyeol: Yeah. And even those who see us for the first time and don’t know our names recognize us and say “He’s fire!” “He’s water!” What do you think teleportation?
Kai: Me? Why suddenly… I like it. (Kai is set up as the teleportation super power.)

Q. It’s Chuseok (t/n: a very important Korean holiday somewhat equivalent to Thanksgiving). Are you meeting your family?
Baekhyun: We will rest for the day.
Chanyeol: Finally!
Chen: We had a photo shoot overseas. So in return, we filmed a lot of Chuseok specials and are going to rest, watching with our families.

Even ‘aliens’ the same want to spend Chuseok together with their family.

EXO’s album caught a lot of attention throughout promotions. With one album, many music videos were made. Even the music video’s appearances were varied. With ‘Growl’ that became the main, a one take music video was made as well as a drama music video using songs included in the album. We are especially curious of the starring member’s acting stories.

Q. The drama version music video. It was released a number of days ago. Starring members Kai and Luhan’s feelings?
Luhan: It was hard. Really…
Kai: This wasn’t something that we learned separately and went into do, we did it on the spot. There was a script but it was just the situation, we had to do everything and match with that situation. It was very hard.
Chanyeol: As soon as we arrived, they ordered them to do a kiss.
Kai: Hahahaha.
Chanyeol: As soon as we arrived at the shooting site, even before greeting the female actress they said “Kai, kiss her!” and replied “Yes!” and went and did it.
Baekhyun: Kai-sshi did that acting the best.
Chanyeol: He made many NGs (t/n: bloopers) too. (Laughs)

Q. But where did the kiss scene disappear to?
Chanyeol: It only came out in the teaser.
Kai: It comes out in the teaser.
Chen: We had an enthusiastic performance also. Saying “Yeah~!” “Wah~”. It was cut. We put a lot of effort in the acting.
Chanyeol: I come out once being tired in the second part.
Chen: I didn’t appear even to the very end.
Lay: We really put a lot of effort in yamakashi (free running: jumping between two building towers or without using anything, just your body, climbing up etc., a new type of sport that requires advanced techniques), but one cut didn’t even come out.

Q. Do the other members not have any complaints about screen time?
Chen: We definitely don’t.
Baekhyun: We liked it. Really. (Everyone: Yeah! We liked it! We didn’t have any burdens!)
Chanyeol: We are thankful to Luhan hyung and Kai.
Baekhyun: My cheekbones hurt too much. I can’t laugh anymore.
Kai: Anyways, I thought that I definitely had to learn how to act. I do’nt know much about acting so it became a burden.
Luhan: Acting without a script was the hardest. Gestures, facial expressions, acting, the situation and everything…

Q. Do the EXO members have any greed for acting if given the opportunity?
Kai: I don’t know about the far future when I learn more acting and become better but right now I have no greed.
Chanyeol: If given the opportunity, I think I can do anything.
Baekhyun: I think it would be good to show a perfected acting next time.
Suho: It’s because what’s important to us right now is our music.

In the harmonious mood, laughter exploded. The eleven member’s treasuring hearts towards each other stood out in the peaceful mood that they made. (t/n: Kris was not present for this interview, which is why the reporter only mentions eleven members) (Continued in part ②)

English translations by: zesha of exok-trans

Original article from: Naver News

[NEWS] 130910 EXOteric Appeal: K-pop’s 12-Member Boy Band EXO Steal Show at MTV World Stage in Malaysia

From the screams in the audience, most of the 15,000 people at MTV World Stage in Malaysia on Sunday had come for a single reason – EXO.

The rising boy band are K-pop’s latest phenomenon.

When the 12-member band took to the stage for their 30-minute set at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach, fans – dressed in T-shirts bearing the names of their favourite musicians and armed with LED signs and clappers – roared as one, singing along to hits like Wolf and Growl.

The three-hour event also saw performances by Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow, US hip hop group Far East Movement and Blurred Lines hitmaker Robin Thicke.

With their disarming good looks and schoolboy appeal, it surprised little that EXO were a hit with their young, mostly female teenage fans.

But those weren’t the only reasons why all eyes were on the successful K-pop act.

They have sold more than 700,000 copies of their first studio album, XOXO, as of Sept 4 since its release in June, making them the first K-pop artiste to do so in over a decade.

At a press conference yesterday at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, the boys said they were surprised and excited by their feat.

Suho, 22, the leader of sub-group EXO-K, said: “We are very happy to have had this kind of success in Korea and China.

We will aim for an even better album the next time round, and better performances.”

Their success may have something to do with clever marketing strategy.

Collectively known as EXO, the group comprise two sub-groups EXO-K – made up of Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai and Sehun – and EXO-M – made up of Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Chen and Tao.

The two sub-groups perform in Korean and Mandarin respectively, reaching out to a wider market, something EXO acknowledged as their selling point, setting them apart from other groups in the market.

But performing in such a big group has its drawbacks.


Said Kris, 22, leader of EXO-M: “It was hard to get organised in the beginning because it took more time to make everything work, But there are good parts as well – our performances are more powerful and we are able to show more to the crowd. It’s a good thing, mostly.”

The boys are currently working on different member combinations, sometimes performing in just pairs to get varying stage experiences.

“Sometimes we miss the other members, but it makes for a great experience,” said Chen, 20.

It’s been a year of non-stop hard work for EXO and they are just getting started.

“We haven’t had time to celebrate (the album sales) due to our busy schedules,” said Kris. “But maybe, soon!”

EXO will next make their appearance in the region when they join big K-pop names like 2PM, 2AM, SHINee and 4Minute in the inaugural 2013 MBC Korean Music Wave concert at Gardens by the Bay on Nov 16. It is touted as the biggest K-pop concert to be held in Singapore. Following that, they are going to work on an even bigger album than XOXO and potentially, an English album in the near future.

When asked what concept they will work on, they remained tight-lipped.

“It’s a secret. We want you to look forward to what we have to offer,” said Suho.

* This article was written by Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman and was published on the Loud Asia section of The New Paper, a local newspaper in Singapore.

Source: wanderlustdreams91

[NEWS] 130909 Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO And Joe Flizzow Heat Up The Stage At MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2013

The annual fever for MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 has hit Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon last night, but this year’s heat hits an all-time temperature high with a stellar line-up of all-male performers with Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow, who ignited the stage with a collective explosion of R&B, hip-hop and K-pop performances. Even the rain could not dampen and bring down the fever, as VJ Hanli shouted out, “Malaysia, boleh!” to a live audience of about 15,000 fans.

Joe Flizzow opened the night with an energetic performance of five songs (Iller Iller, Untukmu, All Around My World, Havoc and Who Do It Better), which included a collaboration with SonaOne and Altimet on Havoc.

This was followed by EXO who set the audience into a wild frenzy when they glided, danced and howled through throngs of fans during the show-stopping performance. EXO fans have been queuing up since Friday night in anticipation to meet their well-loved artists and were not disappointed as the twelve-member band enjoyed a short chat with grateful fans and expressed their love for Malaysia. Apart from Wolf, the preppy-looking boys also sang History, 365 and Growl, much to the delight of their young fans. MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 is EXO’s first performance in Malaysia as a full-member group and on MTV.

Far East Movement (FM) accelerated the already frenzied energy level with a twelve-song medley that kept the audience pumping non-stop Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things, Like a G6, Illest, So What, If I was You, Jello, Change Your Life, Rocket, Get Up (Rattle), Rocketeer, Live My Life. Fans sang along with Rocketeer, which they remixed with Alicia Keys’ No One. Staying true to their usual party-fun performances, the four-member band gave a few crowd surprises with J-Splif drumming and keyboarding to iPads adorned on his outfit, while DJ Virman did a part-solo performance when he put on a ‘duck-head’ costume. They climaxed their performance with crowd favorite, Turn Up the Love. Fans went wild when Far East Movement threw a larger-than-life inflatable duck into the ‘pool’ of fans, putting the crowd-surfing duck on the loose amongst fans. The biggest hit was when Prohgress threw himself into a crowd-surf too.

Closing the show, against the backdrop of Sunway Lagoon, was the man of the moment, Robin Thicke, who was accompanied by three female vocalists. He delivered a sexy, soulful and fun performance of nine songs, including Give It To You, Take It Easy on Me, Feel Good, Oh Shooter, Lost Without U, Shaking It For Daddy and Blurred Lines.

Thicke encouraged fans to never give up their dreams even if it comes later for some, alluding to his new-found fame that emerged recently. He played an emotionally-charged rendition of Dreamworld in true R&B fashion. Chart-topping Blurred Lines was the obvious audience favorite of his performance, with fans singing alongside with him. He ended with an explosion of fireworks in his final performance with Clique.

Over the last 24 hours, the campaign has garnered over 83,000 mentions on MTV World Stage in social media, across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Last night, MTV World Stage trended in twitter in Malaysia with about 40% of twitter trends in Malaysia related to MTV World Stage and was the top trend at mid-show.

MTV World Stage is a global series that bring multi-genre talents with global relevance, telecast to an audience in over 550 million households. Recorded ‘live’ at the most exclusive gigs, world renowned music festivals and unique concert locations from around the world, the series is the ‘front row seat’ for music lovers to experience the biggest artists on the globe without leaving the comfort of their sofas. MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia is part of this platform that delivers the MTV brand experience not only on the ground with MTV fans in Malaysia, but with a global airing in 154 countries across MTV Networks. The Malaysia show is also MTV’s first originally-produced MTV World Stage event globally, which started in 2009.

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 is sponsored by Sunway Group, Xpax and Suzuki, and supported by broadcast partner, Astro. Local radio partners are hitz.fm, ERA fm, MY FM and MIX fm.

Source: MTV Asia

[NEWS] 130906 This Week Will be the Last Growl for EXO

The nuclear bomb EXO will end their ‘Growl’ promotion this week.

With the song ‘Growl’ they topped SBS ‘The Music Trend’, Mnet ‘M!Countdown’ for three weeks in a row and also topped in MBC ‘Music Core’, KBS ‘Music Bank’. Now this week’s music programs will be their last ‘Growl’.

EXO dominated the music business with the song ‘Growl’. As they formed a new teenage fandom with ‘Wolf’ now they captured the women’s hearts in their twenties and thirties as well as man.

In June 3rd EXO relased their first regular album ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ and marked 740,000 record sales including the repackage album. It is a groundbreaking record since the online music market was established. After one month of release, ‘Growl’ is still in the top five on Melon. Twenties and thirties also opened their wallets.

Not obvious but refreshing masculine beauty is garnering hot response among the netizen.

As EXO is the new trend for sure their nest comeback is highly anticipated. According to SM Entertainment spokesman “EXO will still be seen on screen since they have special broadcasting programs scheduled. Their comeback schedule is nor decided yet.”

Original article from: Osen

English translated article from: EXO Naver Starcast

[NEWS] 130829 SNSD’s Taeyeon and EXO Chosen as New Models for Nature Republic

Flaunting their flawless, beautiful faces, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and EXO will be joining together as the new faces of makeup brand, Nature Republic.

The announcement was made on August 29 by Nature Republic, saying that the company has signed an exclusive modeling contract with Taeyeon and EXO for the next two years.

With their hallyu influences Nature Republic believes that Taeyeon and EXO will help create a synergy effect in allowing more people overseas to learn about the Korean makeup brand, especially ask the idols fit with Nature Republic’s natural and innocent image concept.

Shin Se Kyung and Kara were previous models for Nature Republic.

Source: MWave

[TRANS] 130828 EXO Star Profile: Lay

XOXO (Kiss & Hug) repackage album and Growl, which has slain on music charts and programs alike, EXO’s subvocal LAY.

During the interview, Lay confessed that when he first arrived in Korea,  he couldn’t speak Korean very well. Enter: Kris , EXO-M’s leader who helped him greatly on learning the new language. Lay praised Kris greatly during the interview. Lay said that he practices with his fellow members and thanks to dorming, he’s gotten closer with many of them.

In the meantime, in 30 days, EXO will release more The Star HD interviews (8) and leave comments at the bottom of their polaroids (6 members). The term is following the announcement on Sept. 8, in 10 days.

Name: Lay

Blood Type: A

Family Members: Father, Mother, Grandfather, and Grandmother

Conception Dream: None

Hobby/Specialty: Composing; Piano

Personality: I’ve heard that I’m a good person.

Ideal Type: A good girl, if someone likes me genuinely, then I liker her.

Reason I Became a Singer: Ever since I was young, I’ve loved music, and I wanted to show people that I could dance onstage.

Stars I’m Close To: SHINee; SNSD sunbaenims treats me well.

Favorite Food: Hamburger

Favorite Music Genre: If it’s music, then I like them all.

Favorite Movie: Inception

Nicknames: Xing-Xingie; Tokki (bunny)

Best Food I Can Cook: Fried Rice

Usual Fashion Style: Casual style; I like U-Line tees.

Things I Love to Do: Composing

Habits: It’s not really a habit, but I forget things when I go places.

Member That I Think Looks Like Me: Well… I don’t think there is.

Fan Question: Since everyone is different during practices, are there any chances of getting closer?

Lay: When I first came to Korea, my Korean was terrible, so Kris helped me a lot. Dorm life also makes us closer.

Source: The Star

Translations by: Joyce@Waixing and XingLi@WiXing